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Wireless headset

With the advances in technology, a lot of dreams into a reality. Such as simple and stablewireless audio signal transmission, which have troubled people for a long time the problem, and now has basically been a good solution, but the cost is not very high.
2.4GHz wireless technology, the bandwidth of the signal is greatly increased, a varietyof devices can go hand in hand, without disturbing each other's role. The scope of application of the computer is greatly increased, wireless computer headset for people to bring more space and free-range.

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Temptation of high heels

Phase often vulgar flat heels and sports shoes, high heels is part of the dream of thewoman. In other words, the high heels just to make a woman has been out of mediocrity,from the mundane life may, it makes the day more lovely, and only high heels, in order torelease the "rattling" sound on the ground, like a violin. music to pull out. High heels, it isa dream fingertips? It makes a woman step by step, Health - no, high heels, like a magician, it is the woman into a lotus.

Seen in Wangfujing shops, one pair of high heels as high as 16 cm, if any woman towear these shoes, how much America Needless to say. But I also worry about the Iraqiout of thin air increased by 16 cm, walking does not become a walk on stilts? However, I believe high heels, not as the woman's Mind, that being said, because the heelscoincident with the woman's natural romantic, mysterious, elegant, noble (and sometimesneurotic) atmosphere, making the woman The situation is moving in the heartfelt, not their own.

Yi Shu had made: "the woman's fall from the high heels wearing high heels is not convenient to use public transport, they had to fight the idea of private cars."

Also think of a rotten, then: Marriage is a pair of shoes do not fit known only to themselves. Further to say that some marriage is a flat-bottomed shoes, althoughmundane, but gives practical and reliable; some marriage, sandals, simple but notstrong; some marriage, is the glass slipper, always in the myths or legends exist; thatmarriage is the red shoes, looks like ballet, in fact, only they know, the tilt of the toes, onlyin a dream can take off; some marriage slippers, knowing not go on, but also year afteryear to drag on until the last both sides haggard has become an autumn leaves beforedying down from the twigs of the emotional frustration; marriage is leather sandals, it seems complete, in fact, four air leakage; and some marriage high heels, looks elegant and charming, an inattentive, in fact, also the most easily Wei your ankles - this is like an affair.


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